Who are we?

We are a group of highly qualified professionals using our deep knowledge and extensive experience in pharma, data analysis and science to provide useful information about health care and beauty products and share it across Thailand.

What we do?

We do research and conduct experiments on health care and beauty products and share our knowledge to consumers via blog and digital advertisement. Also, share data to entrepreneurs.

Why us?

Our staff is diverse and talented in various fields. We make our researches easy to understand and we believe that our precious data and in-depth information will affect the purchasing decisions of consumers and improvements of our clients.

Beautiful Slender Healthy Outstanding

Everybody wants to be beautiful, slender and so on. Because they want to fulfil their confidences, get many new opportunities and be prominent in social. However, people are born in differences.

They face the different problems. Health and Beauty products are mostly powerful way to fill their needs. That is why they are increasingly popular and variety these day.

ChoiceChecker, we are deeply understanding everybody’s feeling

and recognizing his importance. However, health and beauty product are a lot in the market these day. Many people feel confuse which are the most suitable for them. That is why we would like to provide the valuable information

present and promote to consumers because we hope that everybody can be able to reach as much as correct information and select the most suitable for themselves to fulfil individual needs as much as possible. Also, we are the media who communicate with entrepreneurs for research and development of their products to meet the customers’ needs as much as possible

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